Over the past 33 years, the Boels family has expanded its business from a one-man business to a group of companies with nearly 200 employees. They now have 7 reputable and established companies in their portfolio, all SMEs that profile themselves one by one as specialists in finding a customer-made industrial solution for the customer. In order to outline this to the outside world, it was decided to enter the market under one presence, clearly indicating that all activities are being developed further under the Lybover-roof. 

“With our Lybover group we want to create extra opportunities and attract new employees.”

The Lybover group is currently unknown to the general public, but the Boels brothers want to change that.

“In 1985 Luc Boels started as an independent representative of Keller Lufttechnik GmbH, but over the years the sons Filip and Hans have extended the one-man business to a group of companies. When an acquisition took place, then we developed a new activity ourselves. We were always able to realise the strategy with our own resources. Today, all companies combined have sales exceeding 50 million euros. This is made up of individual products sales and turn-key installations.”

Over the next 10 years, the Boels brothers want to create greater synergy and scale benefits more than ever with the Lybover group.

“Every Business Unit within our group sometimes has a demand from customers who also requires something from one of our other Business Unit. We want to respond to these opportunities, because in each of our Business Units we can offer highly specialised solutions. This offers a lot of extra growth potential within our group of companies.”

The Lybover group now consists of six Business Units (in brackets the former names):

  • RECYCLING: Equipment and installations for dry separation processes (BULK .ID)
  • METAL: Sheet metal work (fabrication), construction work and industrial pipelines, both in mild steel and stainless steel (Hafibo – Hafinox)
  • AIR: Industrial dust removal installations. (Keller Lufttechnik Benelux – Keller France – Luksal)
  • FIRE: compartmental smoke and heat extraction installations for underground car parking – and buildings (Keller Benelux)
  • INSTALLATION: Assembly and service activities (Lybotech)
  • BULK: Installations for storage and transport of bulk goods (Motogroup – situated in Bruges)

On the wings of engineering

To give this evolution more energy and clarity, we started looking for a new logo that projects both the mission, vision and values ​​of the companies. The new house style also seeks to tie in with the evolution that the company has been through during the past 10 years: a quest for simplicity. This translated into both a brand new house style and a new website.

An eagle was chosen because the characteristics of an eagle match the DNA of the employees and their related approaches:

  • EXPERT: expertise, competence, leadership
  • LONGTERM PARTNERSHIP: teamwork, collaboration
  • RELIABLE: reliability, stability, correctness
  • DEDICATED: energy, passion, enthusiasm, proud
  • DYNAMIC: dynamic, flexible, creative, solution-oriented, eager to learn

The baseline of Lybover “On the wings of engineering” makes it immediately clear what the strength of the group of companies is and what connects the different Business Units.

New building is a model for qualitative and pleasant working atmosphere

Offering people a qualitative and pleasant working atmosphere is one of the goals of Lybover. In March, the employees of the Business Unit Air, Recycling, Metal and Fire moved into the brand new head office of Lybover. The building accommodates around 100 employees and has an area of ​​2000m². In the new offices all employees have a beautiful view over the green fields and there is lots of natural daylight. Lybover tries to create a working environment where people like to be and where positive feelings are generated. In addition, there are also sufficient meeting rooms, equipped with the latest technologies. In the middle of the new building there is a patio with a cosy seating area.

The central services such as Finance, IT and HR were centralized in an existing building that is connected to the new building. Another building was completely converted into social spaces and relaxation space for all employees. The general well-being and health of everyone are central here.

Walhalla for Engineers

“Many of our engineers who work with us can enjoy themselves because of the new challenges that always arise within every Business Unit. Since we make everything custom-made and seeing as we are active in many different sectors, no two projects are ever the same.”

The Lybover group is rightly the Walhalla for engineers.

“We also want to expand each of our Business Units and grow them in a profitable & sustainable manner. For this we are looking for additional people to join our team (click here to see the open vacancies).Those who have the ambition to grow need good people. The project industry is in any case a sector with a great future. It has always been a conscious choice to bring in only specialised activities.