BULK .ID and Heros Sluiskil are business partners for life. At the beginning of 2015, BULK .ID started with the engineering of the non-ferrous factory.

Filip Speleers, Frank Maerten and a technical team of Heros have worked out a concept and have carried out tests to see what quality can be achieved with the finished products. The result was amazing.

Green Deal Sustainability

In 2017, the existing bottom ash processing Installation was expanded considerably. Heros invested in a brand new non-ferrous factory.

The aim of the factory is to purify the recovered metals in such a way that they can be sold directly to metal smelters and aluminum producers.

99% pure fractions

They use a new process in which the contaminated non-ferrous metals from the bottom ashes are first crushed and then are separated into light metals, heavy metals and a residual mineral fraction.

The first measurements yielded amazing results : 99% pure fractions of heavy metals and > 95% of pure light metals.

Customized turnkey installations

“The synergy within the Lybover group is positive for staff, customers and suppliers. It offers economies of scale and enables further expansion and innovation. It is essential to integrate machines correctly, such as with the non-ferrous Heros plant. We have all the conveyor belts and dedusting systems in-house. We provide a beautiful customized concept based on added value. Our people have a lot of process knowledge.”