Davy, what does your job as a sales engineer contain?

I daily search for opportunities in the market that fit within our field. We are mainly looking for customers who strive for the same values as our company group: reliability, sustainable cooperation and qualitative products. I work externally and in the office. I spend half of my time with customers. We enter into a dialogue and listen to their needs.

After this conversation I work out a custom-built offer together with the engineering team of Lybover and / or Motogroup.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

The biggest challenge for me was the switch from my previous job to my current job. I used to work in a service company where I sold many small orders. At Motogroup, a sales engineering company, I sell projects and I stay involved from the price request and quotation until the order.

What is so fascinating about your job?

I like the variation between:

  • The Motogroup projects: which are internally developed from A to Z;
  • The sales of Simem products: more standard items;
  • Lybover-projects: big, international projects which are divided over the different Business Units within our group.

I also find it an added value that I, as a representative of Simem, may occasionally go abroad.  With the Lybover projects, I get the opportunity to work together with different departments. For example, we are currently working with colleagues from the other Business Units.

Besides that, I also like to be responsible for larger projects. However we are not abandoned to our fate here.

We always receive the necessary support from our management, from which we can learn a lot.