Dust accumulation formation problem is solved at the company Vandersanden

Like Lybover, Vandersanden is a family business. They are market leaders in the sale of facing bricks and paving blocks. In total, they have nine facilities.

A few months ago, they contacted Keller Lufttechnik Benelux in order to renew their existing dust extraction system.

Over the years, Vandersanden Lanklaar has made various modifications to their existing dust extraction installation until to the point the installation became inadequate. At some points, too little dust was extracted and in other places too much, causing the dust to accumulate in the production hall. In order to enable employees to work in a healthy and dust-free environment, they decided to install a dust extraction installation from Keller Lufttechnik Benelux of 160.000 m³/hr in total.

Examination of dust accumulation.

In a first phase, the Department press and clay preparation was provided with the necessary extraction points. The first results were satisfactory. The operators are already noticing that there is a lot less dust in the air.

In a second phase, the Department drum and setting machine was taken care of. Here there was the existing wet washer.

We have not only chosen to combat the dust development but also the dust resources”, says Wim Thewissen, Technical Manager Vandersanden.

“In order to optimally design the installation, a 3D scan was performed. Every two weeks there was a meeting where Keller’s proposals were presented to the production team. In this way, all demands could be fulfilled. “Explains Louis Schollier, project leader Keller Lufttechnik Benelux.

Benefits of 3D scan:

  • To develop a simple and visual design tailored to the customer
  • Fast installation within 5 days. As a result, production standstill is reduced to a minimum. (This was one of Vandersanden’s conditions)
  • Installation runs smoother and safer through better preparation
  • Little or no comments from the technical department