Abriso specialises in the extrusion of PE foam, air cushion foil and polystyrene. The company produces mainly for the packaging and construction industry and has a strong position within the European market for the packaging and insulation materials. Abriso contacted Keller for an extraction-installation that has two functions, namely transport of materials on the one hand and a de-dusting-installation on the other hand.

Recycling production waste

With the production of extruded PE foam profiles; there is always production loss at start-up and during product changeovers. This production loss is kept to a minimum, but it still generates large volumes of waste and precious raw materials are lost. To produce durably and efficiently, it is necessary to recycle the waste and to reuse it as much as possible. Therefore, the production waste is processed so that it becomes usable raw material again.

Steps in the recycling process

Their process of converting production waste to a new raw material consists of different steps. First, the PE foam goes into a crusher, which reduces the long pieces of PE into small chips to make it easier to rework. The chips are transported into a silo, which serves as a buffer to feed an extruder. The extruder melts the PE foam to make PE granules that can be used to make PE foam profiles.

Installation by Keller Benelux

The installation by Keller Benelux ensures that the product is transported from the crusher to the silo and that the silo is also de-aerated. For this purpose, they use one ventilator/fan that is combined for both functions. The de-aeration of the silo takes place by means of a Keller VARIO dust-filter. The ventilator extracts the scrap pieces at the extraction-point of the crusher and transports it towards the silo. From the silo to the entrance of the filter, a cyclone is added. This is to remove as much material as possible from the air as efficiently as possible. The VARIO filter removes the remaining dust from the air. At the bottom of the VARIO filter, the filtered dust is returned back to the silo. Because the extracted dust is explosive, and the possibility of an ignition sources from the crusher-installation, the installation is secured according to the ATEX guidelines. For this end, they use certified non-return-valves, pressure relief and certified swing-out locks.

“On the one hand, we’ve chosen Keller Benelux as a supplier because of their vast experience in the waste-recycling and on the other hand because of previous projects which we’ve realised together, each with excellent follow-up from installation to handover”, said Lander Vanassche, Technical Manager Abriso