Lybover is a family-owned SME that distinguishes itself by combining expert project management with technological excellence. The group is widely renowned for its know-how and experience in the fields of dust extraction, recycling, bulk goods handling, fire protection, and production of steel and stainless steel components.

On the wings of engineering

The human resources available to the Lybover group represents a combination of knowledge and experience of inestimable value. Guided by “On the wings of engineering” as the common thread – the vision that unites thought process and actions alike, distinguishes the Lybover group from its peers.

Our values

Our values − such as ‘ecology’, ‘integrity’ and ‘respect for employees’ − are inextricably linked with the highest technological knowledge. This is expressed in our no-nonsense, hands-on approach, direct contact, far-reaching flexibility, and above all: results that create value for the client in both the short-term and the long-term.

Lybover’s values: “Lybover offers a dynamic and reliable long-term partnership as a dedicated expert.”

Each of the independent companies (Business Units) that unite Lybover is a specialist in its domain. Together, they guarantee the full 100% of Lybover’s operational and business values.




For you, as our customer, the advantages of Lybover are: solutions tailored to your wishes and needs, based on engineering, in which the guaranteed sum generates more than the whole of the parts.

By joining forces, we can offer our customers total solutions that are more than the sum of the parts. Close collaboration between the companies in our group, and knowledge from everyone’s competencies and experience, mean that our solutions create real added value for our customers. This, combined with an exclusive collaboration with approximately 15 technology partners, creates a unique symbiosis between technology and project management.